Mark as Duplicate

Find the original YouTube uploader

Browser Extension

Tired of watching low quality re-uploaded version of a YouTube videos?
The YouDupe browser extension identifies re-uploaded videos and marked them as duplicate.

Original Videos

No more wasting time watching re-uploaded and lower quality videos

Click Bait?

YouDupe will update click bait titles to something that reflects the content of the video.

You Can Help

YouDupe works because of you. You can mark any video as duplicate and help the community.

How YouDupe Works

Tag a video with the original source

How YouDupe Works

Watch YouTube videos directly from the original uploader at the highest quality.


People re-upload the exact same video on YouTube. YouDupe, through crowd-sourcing, can mark these videos as duplicate and point to the original. This is not a copyright tool. Instead, it helps redirect viewers to the original uploader.

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