Frequently Asked Question

What is YouDupe?

YouDupe is a browser extension that identifies duplicate and original videos.

How does YouDupe work?

YouDupe uses crowd-sourcing to identify duplicate videos and suggest the original. When you browse YouTube, you can tag a video as duplicate and suggest an original. When enough people recommend the same video, it is marked as duplicate.

Is YouDupe Free?

Yes. YouDupe is free to use. However, it doesn't run for free. There are server and developer costs required to keep it up and running. A donation page will be added soon so you can help contribute.

Who is behind it?

Ibrahim Diallo is the principal developer. He tries to automate most of the work though a recent event has made him a little less reliant on automation.

He is also a co-founder of Renly, founder of Ottomon, and a Tech Blogger

I want to know more.

YouDupe is in alpha and is still being ironed out. You can read more about it on in this blog post YouDupe - Mark as Duplicate for YouTube

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