About YouDupe

What is YouDupe?

YouDupe was born out of the frustration of trying to find the original uploaded video on YouTube. As soon as a video is uploaded, copy cats download it and re-upload on their own channel in an inferior quality. They add their own logo and gain views destined to the original uploader.

Where did it come from?

Inspired by a popular feature on Stackoverflow (Mark as Duplicate), the YouDupe browser extension allows you to find the originals videos without any effort. It uses crowd sourced data from the community to decide which videos are the originals.

Who is behind it?

The Original Extension is made by Ibrahim Diallo, a software developer in California. He is a Tech blogger, a Podcaster, and a Startup founder. He also holds the title of first documented case of a man getting fired by a machine.


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People re-upload the exact same video on YouTube. YouDupe, through crowd-sourcing, can mark these videos as duplicate and point to the original. This is not a copyright tool. Instead, it helps redirect viewers to the original uploader.

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